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In 2014, when everyone was recovering from the real estate crisis, we were left without income because the companies we were working for all went bankrupt at the same time!

Problems are
We went to work for many months without payment, with a young child, a mortgage, and expenses to cover. We found ourselves immersed in a deep financial crisis.
We tried to establish a private clinic so that Ricardo could practice his profession, but the risk of further indebtedness was too great because we had to apply for a loan from the bank. We tried different entrepreneurial ventures, but everything involved risk and money we didn’t have.
Until a friend told us about an opportunity where, without risk, without initial capital investment, and without special knowledge, we could generate monthly income in the field we are passionate about, which is the health and wellness sector.
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Welcome Living Better!

And that’s how Living Better was born, sharing holistic health and well-being with our friends and family. Since then, our network has expanded to more than 15 countries, forming a community of friends who work together to help people achieve wellness.

Formative footprint:

Those who have impacted us

Get to know them

Gabi Steiner

Is a legend in network marketing in Germany. A millionaire, speaker, author of three business books, including the bestseller “Person to Person.” She is accomplished both in her personal and professional life. She lives in Florida, where she has dedicated herself to her great passion, tennis

Jaime Lokier

Is a prominent figure in leadership in Latin America, founder of the Leaders Summit and the Momentum Academy. Author of bestsellers such as “Leadership Networks” and “Leaders Die (Movements Don’t).” His impact on network marketing and business consulting has positioned him as an influential figure in the Spanish-speaking industry.

Randy Gage

Is a leader in network marketing, having trained more millionaires than anyone else in the industry. He is the author of 14 bestsellers translated into 25 languages. Recognized in the Direct Selling Hall of Fame and the Speaker Hall of Fame. He is an impactful speaker, having reached 2 million people in 50 countries.

Angie & Lu Rosas

Sisters and mindset coaches, are experts in Network Marketing with over a decade of experience. They aim to positively impact one million people, focusing 90% on mindset and 10% on technique for personal growth, guided by the ethics of empathy, passion, and love.

José Miguel Arbulú

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1979, discovered his passion for acting after studying Advertising and Philosophy. He found in Network Marketing a way to teach and grow without aggressive competition, seeking to share effective strategies while pursuing his love for acting.

Juan Carlos Barrios

A professional musician, became a successful entrepreneur with 10 businesses in less than a decade. He is a recognized leader in Network Marketing and author of bestsellers. As a global speaker, he mentors hundreds of entrepreneurs and has given over 5,000 conferences in 30 countries. He is influential in productivity, leadership, and finance, and ranks among the top 100 earners in MLM.

Mario Rodríguez Padrés

Is a conference speaker and expert investor in Network Marketing, recognized for his professionalism and results. He has been invited to share his experience on business stages and is a Spanish-speaking author of 5 practical books based on 30 years of experience, successfully translated into multiple languages.

Art Jonak

Thanks to Network Marketing, overcame the need for food stamps for his daughter, becoming an influential leader. As the founder of the Mastermind Event, he has led teams that generated over a billion dollars in sales. He brings technological expertise and is a member of the Direct Selling Hall of Fame.

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We have opened up markets where no one has ventured and helped thousands of people over the years with their physical, economic, and social well-being challenges.

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