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The importance of balancing body pH and detoxification for health and disease prevention.

Paola Spadaro Rodriguez

May 10, 2023
Balancing body pH and detoxifying the body are essential for health. Diseases are reactions to toxicity. Maintaining an alkaline environment prevents illnesses. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet promote overall well-being and prevent health issues.

“Diseases are the result of the body’s reaction to intoxication,” Dr. José Luis Cidon Madrigal, specialist in preventive medicine. That’s why it’s very important to undergo a deep detoxification and balance body pH once a year.

The balance of body pH is essential for the health and well-being of the body as all our cells, tissues, and systems function best within a specific pH range. When the pH is outside of this range, it can cause a wide variety of negative responses in the body, including diseases.

Otto Warburg

1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his thesis on the primary cause and prevention of cancer. “No disease, including Cancer, can survive in an alkaline environment.”.

Linus Pauling

1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
. “The 85% of cancer patients have an acidic pH.” “Common diseases cannot survive in an alkaline state.”

The human body has a slightly alkaline pH that is maintained within a range of 7.35 to 7.45. If the pH deviates too much from this balance, serious health problems can occur, such as acidosis or alkalosis.

Acidosis can cause symptoms like fatigue, weakness, muscle pain, headache, and anxiety. If left untreated, it can lead to a coma and ultimately death. On the other hand, alkalosis can result in various symptoms, including dizziness, muscle weakness, and seizures.

Maintaining a proper balance of the body’s pH is essential for good health. It’s important to follow a healthy and balanced diet that includes enough vegetables, fruits, and other alkaline foods to keep the pH within the appropriate range. It is also crucial to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to preserve overall health.

Through our Basic program, we achieve daily detoxification and alkalization of the body. With the Metabolic Reset Program, we not only balance the body’s pH but also perform a deep detoxification of the organism.

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